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[kzk@red0 tmp]$ cat throw_metric.cpp
#include <ganglia.h>
int main()
struct Ganglia_pool* global_context;
struct Ganglia_metric* gmetric;
Ganglia_gmond_config gmond_config;
Ganglia_udp_send_channels send_channels;
return 0;
[kzk@red0 tmp]$ g++ -I/home/kzk/soft/include/ throw_metric.cpp
In file included from throw_metric.cpp:1:
/home/kzk/soft/include/ganglia.h:24: error: conflicting declaration ‘typedef struct Ganglia_pool* Ganglia_pool’
/home/kzk/soft/include/ganglia.h:24: error: ‘struct Ganglia_pool’ has a previous declaration as ‘struct Ganglia_pool’
/home/kzk/soft/include/ganglia.h:25: error: conflicting declaration ‘typedef struct Ganglia_gmond_config* Ganglia_gmond_config’
/home/kzk/soft/include/ganglia.h:25: error: ‘struct Ganglia_gmond_config’ has a previous declaration as ‘struct Ganglia_gmond_config’
/home/kzk/soft/include/ganglia.h:26: error: conflicting declaration ‘typedef struct Ganglia_udp_send_channels* Ganglia_udp_send_channels’
/home/kzk/soft/include/ganglia.h:26: error: ‘struct Ganglia_udp_send_channels’ has a previous declaration as ‘struct Ganglia_udp_send_channels’
/home/kzk/soft/include/ganglia.h:29: error: field ‘pool’ has incomplete type
/home/kzk/soft/include/ganglia.h:34: error: conflicting declaration ‘typedef struct Ganglia_metric* Ganglia_metric’
/home/kzk/soft/include/ganglia.h:28: error: ‘struct Ganglia_metric’ has a previous declaration as ‘struct Ganglia_metric’
throw_metric.cpp: In function ‘int main()’:
throw_metric.cpp:6: error: aggregate ‘Ganglia_gmond_config gmond_config’ has incomplete type and cannot be defined
throw_metric.cpp:7: error: aggregate ‘Ganglia_udp_send_channels send_channels’ has incomplete type and cannot be defined
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