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Last active Aug 30, 2020
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import Foundation
let projectType = "-workspace"
let projectPath = "SignalPath.xcworkspace"
let scheme = "SignalPathiOS"
let destinationDevice = "platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 11 Pro Max"
let resultBundlePath = "PrePush.xcresult"
removeResultBundle(at: resultBundlePath)
print("Building for testing…")
let buildCommand = [
projectType, projectPath.wrappedInQuotes,
"-scheme", scheme.wrappedInQuotes,
"-destination", destinationDevice.wrappedInQuotes
].joined(separator: " ")
let buildStatus = Process.runZshCommand(buildCommand)
if buildStatus != 0 {
extension String {
var wrappedInQuotes: String {
return "\"\(self)\""
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