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Created May 25, 2019 00:46
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final class WebClientTests: XCTestCase {
override func tearDown() {
TestURLProtocol.loadingHandler = nil
struct TestPayload: Codable, Equatable {
let country: String
func testFetchingDataSuccessfully() {
let expected = TestPayload(country: "Estonia")
let request = URLRequest(url: URL(string: "")!)
let responseJSONData = try! JSONEncoder().encode(expected)
TestURLProtocol.loadingHandler = { request in
let response = HTTPURLResponse(url: request.url!, statusCode: 200, httpVersion: nil, headerFields: nil)!
return (response, responseJSONData, nil)
let expectation = XCTestExpectation(description: "Loading")
let configuration = URLSessionConfiguration.ephemeral
configuration.protocolClasses = [TestURLProtocol.self]
let client = WebClient(urlSession: URLSession(configuration: configuration))
client.fetch(request, requestDataType: TestPayload.self) { (result) in
switch result {
case .failure(let error):
XCTFail("Request was not successful: \(error.localizedDescription)")
case .success(let payload):
XCTAssertEqual(payload, expected)
wait(for: [expectation], timeout: 1)
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