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extension ContentView {
final class ViewModel: ObservableObject {
private let package: Package
private var cancellables = [AnyCancellable]()
init(package: Package) {
self.package = package
// Model -> View Model
package.recipient.publisher(for: \.firstName)
.assign(to: &$recipientFirstName)
package.recipient.publisher(for: \.lastName)
.assign(to: &$recipientLastName)
package.recipient.publisher(for: \.postalAddress)
.store(in: &cancellables)
package.publisher(for: \.contents)
.store(in: &cancellables)
// View Model -> Model
.assign(to: \.firstName, on: package.recipient)
.store(in: &cancellables)
.assign(to: \.lastName, on: package.recipient)
.store(in: &cancellables)
// Example of using published property
@Published var recipientFirstName: String = ""
@Published var recipientLastName: String = ""
// Example of using bindings for propagating values
var street: Binding<String> {
let package = self.package
return Binding<String>(
get: {
set: { newValue in
let postalAddress = package.recipient.postalAddress.mutableCopy() as! CNMutablePostalAddress
postalAddress.street = newValue
package.recipient.postalAddress = postalAddress
var summary: String {
let contents = package.contents
.map({ "\($0.title) \($0.weight)" })
.joined(separator: ", ")
return """
Recipient: \(package.recipient.firstName) \(package.recipient.lastName)
Postal address: \(CNPostalAddressFormatter().string(from: package.recipient.postalAddress))
Contents: \(contents)
func addRandomItem() {
let weight = Int.random(in: 200...300)
let item = PackageContent(title: "Light bulb", weight: weight)
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