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Last active Feb 4, 2017
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Working with jam-bot!

Your friend jam-bot

First off welcome to the utopia jam! I hope we can all work together to make something great!

As part of the jam a discord server is setup and on the server we have a helpful bot friend, jam-bot.

What can jam-bot do for you?

The basics

The basic way to interact with jam-bot is to issue a command that starts with an exclamation point. For example (and I encourage you to do the same) if you enter !help in a channel where jam-bot is present jam-bot will whisper the list of all of the commands and how to invoke them.

Team finding

The most helpful thing jam-bot will likely be able to do for the jam is to help with team finding. Jam-bot has 4 commands setup specifically to aid in team finding and they are:

  • !ineedateam - This command will setup jam-bot to list you as needing a team with whatever skills you list. For example:
    • !ineedateam Unity, Pixeling, Level Design will add your user name and the listed skills to jam-bots team finding list
    • To change the listing of what jam-bot has for you just reissue the command with the skills you want listed:
      • !ineedateam GameMaker, Pixeling, Level Design will change your skills to only the ones you list (now Unity isn't listed and GameMaker is)
    • To remove yourself entirely from the needing a team list just issue the command !ineedateam by itself and jam-bot will remove your listing
  • !whoneedsateam - This command will list everyone who needs a team and their listed skills, so from the above example !whoneedsateam will return:
    •    landonscribbles-2649: GameMaker, Pixeling, Level Design```
  • !myteamneeds - Works much like the !ineedateam command but for finding specific skills for your team. For example:
    • !myteamneeds composer, 3D modeler Will add those as your team needs
    • To remove your team from the the !myteamneeds list just issue the command by itself: !myteamneeds
  • !whatteamsneed - This command will list all teams who need specific roles or skills. From the above example !whatteamsneed will return:
    •    landonscribbles-2649: composer, 3D modeler```

Further questions?

If you ever get confused about a command feel free to use !help, ask me on twitter @landonscribbles, or send me a message in discord (I'm landonscribbles there too!)

Happy jamming!

Pictures of the bot in action!

ineedateam myteamneeds

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