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Last active Dec 29, 2018

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CV - Fredrik Lack

Malmgårdsvägen 32A, 116 38 Stockholm

+46 733 730 941 /

I’ve been working as a developer for +7 years and I enjoy working fullstack/devops. Last couple of years I’ve been working mainly with Kubernetes, Google Cloud, Node.js and React. In my spare time I've been looking a little bit extra on Go.

I'm also a big advocate for Docker and Kubernetes, running all my own projects on Kubernetes on GKE (Google Cloud). And right now working with a client to transform a monolith into a more microservice approach running Kubernetes, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage and Cloud KMS on Google Cloud.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Several years of experience with Node.js
  • Kubernetes and Google Cloud user for +2 years
  • Several years of experience running apps on Heroku.
  • Years of experience running React (Isomorphic/Universal) in production.
  • Experienced in running services on Docker, both for development and production environments.
  • Consider myself as a generalist, but with special interest in Cloud Native, Docker, Kubernetes and Node.js.
  • Great DevOps knowledge, e.g. TLS/SSL, Scaling (12 factor apps), Hosting, DNS, Test/Build pipelines.
  • Great general frontend knowledge

Next dream gig

  • Cloud Native, Kubernetes and DevOps

Wants to learn more about

  • Databases (document and relational) in depth
  • ML
  • GraphQL

Technical Profile

Programming Languages:

JavaScript (ES6/ES7/ES8, Node.js), Golang, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Bash

Frameworks / Libraries:

React, Redux, Flow, Fluxible, Koa, Express.js, SASS/LESS/Stylus, Handlebars, Nunjucks, KeystoneJS, WordPress, jQuery

APIs / Protocols:

AJAX, REST, Contentful, Github, Mailchimp, Mailgun, Apsis

Software / Tools:

Git, Google Cloud, Heroku, DigitalOcean, Kubernetes (k8s), Docker, Nginx, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, Let's Encrypt, Travis, Redis, Jenkins, Webpack, Babel, Terraform


  • Bachelor of Arts in Informatics, Linnaeus University, Kalmar (2009-2012)
  • JavaScript programming course, Linnaeus University, Kalmar (2011)
  • Ruby programming course, Gotland University (2011)

Professional Experience

Fredrik Lack AB (Stockholm)

DevOps/Software Developer, May 2017 - Present

  • Self-Employed developer working with clients in Stockholm.
  • Focusing on Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, Node.js and Go.
  • Lean towards more DevOps gigs.

Creuna (Stockholm)

Developer, Jan 2015 - Apr 2017

  • Worked with both frontend and backend.
  • Worked with several projects during this time, including: SVT Sport, Akademibokhandeln, Pointsharp, Inspire Me, ASSA ABLOY and Libero.

Egmont (Stockholm)

Developer, Jun 2012 - Jan 2015

  • Worked with both frontend and backend.
  • Worked on a large scale PHP CMS that powered more then 50 sites.
  • Built integrations for e.g. Microsoft MSN and Apsis.

Highlighted Projects

SVT Sport (via Creuna)


  • Universal SPA built with Node.js, React, Express, Redis and MongoDB
  • Hosted on Heroku
  • High demands on performance serving a large amount of users
  • Docker development environment
  • Akamai CDN
  • My role evolved to a more DevOps role managing Jenkins/Heroku test and build pipelines
  • Worked with both frontend and backend
  • Learned much about Node.js in depth and how to tweak and adjust to high demands

Akademibokhandeln (via Creuna)

Front-end developer

  • Running on Python/Django, PostgreSQL, React, Elasticsearch, Redis
  • Hosted on Heroku
  • Docker development environment
  • I developed the checkout flow (e-commerce cart) with React
  • Worked mostly with frontend but did some backend/devops consulting regarding Heroku
  • Learned a lot about ElasticSearch and Python

Pointsharp (via Creuna)


  • Running on Python/Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, React
  • Hosted on Heroku
  • Docker development environment
  • Integrations to MailChimp
  • Worked with both frontend and backend

Open Source Projects


  • Running on Node.js and Elasticsearch
  • Hosted on Kubernetes (GKE)
  • Docker environments for development and production
  • Travis test and build pipelines
  • RESTful(ish) API
  • Let's Encrypt automation

Latest Projects/Gigs

Egmont (via Fredrik Lack AB)

Developer/Full-stack/DevOps, May 2018 - ?

  • Transforming a monolith into microservice architecture
  • Kubernetes (k8s, GKE), Auto scaling, 12-factor app
  • Terraform
  • Let's Encrypt
  • Google Cloud
  • PHP7, Node.js, Nginx, Docker, Redis, Elasticsearch
  • Cloud SQL
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud KMS
  • Bitbucket/Pipelines
  • Helm / Helm Secrets

Lexplore (via Nox Consulting AB)

JS/React developer, May 2017 - May 2018

  • Built a portal GUI based on Node.js/React
  • Express, Flow, Mocha/Chai, Redux
  • Heavy use of Redux and Selectors
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