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Map Java Thread Details to Linux processes

1. Search for Java PID:


Example ouput:

4170 blalub 25 0 6309m 5.2g 10m R 97.5 33.3 732:27.41 java

2. Get a listing of all Java threads in Java Process with PID 4170:

top -H -p 4170

3. Find PID of JBoss:

jps -l

Example output:

4170 org.jboss.Main

4. Using Server PID (4170) for thread dump

jstack -l 4170 > jstack.log

5. To find threads from the listing (top -H -p) in jstack.log thread PIDs have to be converted from decimal (listing) to nid hexdecimal (jstack) in jstack output

Hex converter

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