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Remove or replace a backslash with replaceAll regex in Java

Sometimes logical solutions can be unintuitive. If you want to replace a single backslash in Java using replaceAll there are multiple layers of escaping that leads to four backslashes as an argument for replaceAll.

String bla = "blub\\"; 
//escape the backslash, otherwise this line would not compile

//output: blub\

String bla2 = bla.replaceAll("\\\\", "");
//first backslash: Java, escape the next character in String
//second backslash: Regex, escape the next character
//third backslash: Java, escape the next charcter in String
//fourth backslash: Regex, backslash that is to be replaced

//output: blub

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Edatokmakk commented Feb 27, 2019

Hey , how to delete everything from the double slash until the end of the line in java?

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