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Decompile Java class or Jar container under Linux Mint / Ubuntu

Lee Benfield's Java decompiler CFR is straight forward and can even batch decompile jar container. 

  1. Download the most recent version of CFR (crf 0.1.15 at the time of writing)
  1. Run decompile with output into terminal
java -jar cfr_0_115.jar javaclasstodecompiles.class

2a. Run this if you want to export it into a separate Java file

java -jar cfr_0_115.jar javaclasstodecompiles.class >
  1. To decomplile a complete jar container
java -jar cfr_0_115.jar javacontainer.jar --outputdir ./javacontainer

Caveat: When using "--ouputdir" the directory path is not relative to the folder CFR runs in. So make sure you either use an absolute path or the "." for relative paths.

Alternativie decompiler:

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