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1706 Open Source Project

1706 Open Source Project


Group 1

  • Becki
  • Sam N
  • Michael B
  • Ricky

Group 2

  • Mike H
  • Ash
  • Danny
  • Mimi
  • Sam S

Group 3

  • Wil D
  • Dan P
  • Yohanan
  • Jay P

Group 4

  • Brandon
  • Aram
  • Aaron
  • Eddie

Repositories to Choose From:

Rails Girls Summer of Code - Team Tracker Project - Rails

Rails Girls Summer of Code - Summer of Code Project - Rails

Open Food Network - Rails

Code for Social Good - Web App - Angular, Java, HTML/CSS

Ruby For Good - Playtime - Rails

Ruby For Good - PantryScheduler - React & Rails

If you don’t see a project here that you’d like to contribute to, you’re more than welcome to contribute to another project as long as you get it approved by an instructor. Keep in mind you only have about a day and a half to complete this assignment.

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