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Trigger Job on file changes in Azure Devops
- job: ciml
displayName: "Machine Learning CI"
vmImage: 'Ubuntu 20.04'
- task: PowerShell@2
displayName: 'Run CI Task from make.ps1 in Devcontainer'
targetType: 'inline'
script: 'Install-Module -Name PSake -Force && Invoke-psake ./make.ps1 ciml'
errorActionPreference: 'stop'
pwsh: true
workingDirectory: $(Build.SourcesDirectory)
- task: PowerShell@2
displayName: 'Check if IMAGETAG.txt has changed since last build on main'
System_AccessToken: $(System.AccessToken)
targetType: 'filePath'
filePath: ./scripts/build_scripts/changesSinceLastBuild.ps1
arguments: >-
-outputVariableName 'ML_IMAGE_TAG_CHANGED'
-fileMatchExpression 'containers/IMAGETAG.txt'
-branch 'refs/heads/main'
-buildDefinitionId '20'
errorActionPreference: 'stop'
pwsh: true
workingDirectory: $(Build.SourcesDirectory)
- task: AzurePowerShell@5
condition: and(succeeded(), eq(variables['Build.SourceBranch'], 'refs/heads/main'), eq(variables.ML_IMAGE_TAG_CHANGED, 'true'))
displayName: 'Build ML Container and Push to ACR'
azureSubscription: $(azure_connection)
ScriptType: 'inlineScript'
pwsh: true
inline: 'Install-Module -Name PSake -Force && Invoke-psake ./make.ps1 ciml-docker; exit (!$psake.build_success)'
errorActionPreference: 'stop'
workingDirectory: $(Build.SourcesDirectory)
azurePowerShellVersion: 'LatestVersion'
# This is an updated and tweaked version of a script designed to find if changes
# have occurred since the last build. We've moved to the latest API and tweaked to spot changes in a file.
# Original Source:
# The variable in AZDO to set when changes are found
[string]$outputVariableName = "changesFound",
# This can be 'containers/IMAGETAG.txt' or '.*/IMAGETAG.txt'. Expression is passed to powershell '-match' so valid regex NOT minimatch/glob
[string]$fileMatchExpression = $env:FILE_TO_CHECK,
# The build definition ID. In this case it's 20, look at the URL when editing a build to find it.
[string]$buildDefinitionId = "20",
[string]$branch = "refs/heads/main"
# Configuring this PS script to use the Azure DevOps Service Rest API
# Attempting to follow steps at:
$pat = "Bearer $env:System_AccessToken"
# Set $env:LocalTest to test things out locally
if ($env:LocalTest) {
# When testing locally use the below to authenticate
$pat = $env:PAT_TOKEN # <- set this env to your pat token
$pat = "Basic " + [System.Convert]::ToBase64String([System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetBytes(":$pat"))
$env:BUILD_BUILDID = 1163 # <- pick the build you'd like to pretend to be
Write-Host $env:System_AccessToken
# Setting the script to authenticate using the system access token on the Azure DevOps Build Agent
# Note: Remember to set the agent job to "Allow scripts to access OAuth token" (under "Additional options")
# Note: Combining double quotes and single quotes below because double quotes allow variable substitution
# (desired in first part) but single quotes do not (not desired in second part)
$lastGreenBuildUrl = "$($env:SYSTEM_TEAMFOUNDATIONCOLLECTIONURI)$env:SYSTEM_TEAMPROJECTID/_apis/build/builds?branchName=$branch&definitions=$buildDefinitionId&queryOrder=finishTimeDescending&resultFilter=succeeded&api-version=6.0"
Write-Host "url: $lastGreenBuildUrl"
$data = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "$lastGreenBuildUrl" -Headers @{Authorization = $pat}
Write-Host "Raw data returned from Green Build API call: $data"
$lastGreenBuild = $ | Select-Object -First 1
Write-Host "Last successfult build was $lastGreenBuild"
$from = $lastGreenBuild
$to = $env:BUILD_BUILDID
Write-Host "from: $from"
Write-Host "to: $to"
$url = "$($env:SYSTEM_TEAMFOUNDATIONCOLLECTIONURI)$env:SYSTEM_TEAMPROJECTID/_apis/build/changes?fromBuildId=$from&toBuildId=$to&api-version=5.0-preview.2"
Write-Host "url: $url"
$commits = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $url -Headers @{Authorization = $pat }
Write-Host "Raw data returned from API call: $commits"
# saving all commit ids into a list
$commitHashes = @()
foreach ($id in $commits.value) {
$rawData = Get-Member -inputObject $id -name "id" | Out-String
# $rawData is in format "string id=<hash> ". We need to clean it up.
$label, $hash = $rawData.Split("=")
$hash = $hash.trim()
# Adding $hash to $commitHashes
$commitHashes += $hash
Write-Host "Commit hashes associated with this build:"
foreach ($hash in $commitHashes) {
Write-Host $hash
# We can use this function to check if a given directory has been updated since last build
$lastCommit = $commitHashes | Select-Object -Last 1
$currentCommit = git rev-parse HEAD
$currentCommit = $currentCommit.Trim()
Write-Host "Finding files changed between $lastCommit and $currentCommit"
# Show diff between
# See:
$changedFiles = git diff $lastCommit^..$currentCommit --name-only
Write-Host "Changed files"
# Check if the file we're interested in changed
$relevantChanges = $changedFiles -match $fileMatchExpression
if ($relevantChanges) {
Write-Host ">>>>> CHANGED FOUND in file $fileMatchExpression since last successful build $from. Build var $outputVariableName set to 'true'"
# Updating the build variables accordingly
Write-Output ("##vso[task.setvariable variable=$outputVariableName;]true")
} else {
Write-Host "No relevant changes found.. variable set to $changesFound"
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