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name,URL,supported platforms,GUI,CLI,supported hosts,add-on reconciliation,game detection,search,can install add-ons from URL,supports pre-releases,can install old versions of add-ons,supports ignoring and/or pinning add-ons,host swapping,can be configured to update add-ons without user input,can export and import list of installed add-ons,supports updating installed weakauras from,makes backups,self-updates,licence,user tracking,installed add-on database,configuration location,language,availability,approximate binary size,version as of writing
CurseBreaker,,all,no,TUI,"wowi, tukui, addons.wago (requires access token), github releases",optional,implicit; has to be placed in game folder,wago through their API,yes,curse and github only,no,pin,no,in headless mode,yes,yes,WTF folder on demand and every 24h,yes,gpl3,none,JSON file in WTF folder,WTF folder,Python,binaries,~10 mb,4.3.1
instawow,,all,yes (WebView),yes,"curse (requires ac