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[RC Diary] Two weeks of RC ten to go (-94)

[RC Diary] Two weeks of RC ten to go (-93)

Cerebro progress!

I was able to code the mutation I am working on in ClojureScript, the difficult bit was understanding which data structure I am passing around and working with that, I feel this is it what's slowing my progresses with ClojureScript, I feel I don't have much vision into my data structures, also the conversion into JavaScript sometimes is not really working, I believe that to be because of me not yet understanding where to use clj->js.

I can now work on the vm part, which

  • translates the AST back into string representation
  • runs the code

So I am getting closer to seeing my first mutation! Also lots of progress in the architecture, seems like immutability will help me a lot in running lots of things in parallel, so if we add this to the fact that I'm not saving files the speed bonus should be tangible.

The little schemer

Went again through those first two chapters and translated functions into Clojure instead of Scheme.

I did that just because I'm learning ClojureScript and that will help me, also because in my IDE I have a better support for it.

Thoughts after two weeks at RC

(these are random thoughts hastily written down, I am not going to polish them: handle with care)

I would loved to attend a school in which they would've told me how to construct the reasonings that would lead to something that would ultimately would make me a better person. That, instead of ancient people I don't give a fuck about.

This past two weeks at RC have been full of thoughts and filled by the urge of doing as much as I can, because, as I've been told several times "3 months fly by". In 4 weeks we will lose W1 '17 batch and welcome SP2 '17, what should I say them so that they could get the most out of their batch? Possibly that RC is a marathon, it's not a 100mt sprint, so keep yourself healthy, exercise and prepare for the long run, you want to have a steady uprising curve not something exlosive at the start, because we all know how will that end.

I've been thinking a lot about the future, about what I'm going to do after these 3 months. Will I be the deeply different, thoughtful, prepared, and socially open person I was hoping to become? I don't think so. I feel like I've been rushing too much these past two weeks, if there's something I would love to change is the amount of time I devote to just sitting there and reflecting, thinking about stuff in a deep way. I've never done so in the past and I firmly believe it's a great to advance intellectually as an individual.
I think Freakonomics in a podcast once exlained the importance of spending time with our mind, just thinking about things, and I don't mean that kind of thought that passes by for a few seconds, leaving place for something else, I mean really insisting on finding solutions or finding questions or simply reflecting about how things are going.
For example my most recurring thought is *"What should I do after RC ends?"*, and honestly I've never spent more than a couple minutes on it every time my brain was making it come up at the front. This has to change if I want something better than just going with the flow.
I often think about where should I go and what should I do there. I would love to help people. I would like to do something useful than just yet another software to seel X or a platform to get money from Y. Should I go to Japan? Should I go to Canada? Should I go back to Italy and teach programming to people in need? Would that make me more satisfied than being a contractor in London? Contracting in London sucks. You get £500+/day, ok, that's cool. But the weather is shit, I don't remember the last time I saw proper Spring, and the work itself could be really terrible, am I really interested in coding on an ecommerce platform for selling a product I couldn't care less of? I think the point is here, doing something I care about and for which I can be recognised, because of its usefulness to the community. Something like a higher path product. So, if the product is more clear in my mind what's not clear is where should I go? The first time you leave your home country is so different, you see what's outside and the sea of opportunities you were missing, this is all good and shiny but to me it also gave a sense of "not belonging anymore anywhere" that's unsettling: whenever I go back to Italy I don't feel at home, I just feel that there's where I have people I know and love, but I don't feel protected nor do I feel that that's the place I want my children to call home.

I think recents events in

  • Italy - yet again more years of unstable government and a total lack of trust in people same age as me
  • UK - Brexit
  • US - Trump

made me sadder than I was years ago. It should not be like this, it should be all about making things better, not running away from places I find inadequate, or better, where I believe people are voting with their stomach rather than their head.

I also fear they won't accept me as a RC interviewer, I've applied and from that moment it seemed like becoming a RC interviewer is the only thing that matters now, as if there wasn't anything more important. I find this feeling kind of stressful, because the chances of getting in are slim, so looks like playing a game I'm not likely to win, which in the end would lead to a period of intimate unsatisfaction about my achievements.

Loving my Razer Blade Stealth

The touch screen is just too good. I can

  • scroll with my fingers while crashing on bean bags
  • reduce or enlarge text making reading a pleasure
  • pinch and go to the Gnome Shell activies page, where all open applications are
  • speed, it's so fast!

Watched a video about how to use p5.js


  • Cerebro
  • project lamp
  • still need some attention needed for timsort, radix sort, dijkstra algo
  • chapter 3 of the little schemer in Clojure
  • reflect on first two weeks of RC
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