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Last active Mar 21, 2017
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[RC Diary] Presentations and not so many progresses (-96)

[RC Diary] Presentations and not so many progresses (-96)

Presenting web dev 101

I showed web development basis using a small client server project I wrote.

It went good, I enjoyed it a lot and I got questions, so that's great: I like talks when people are asking me questions as it becomes more interactive, there's partecipation and in the end we used all of the 60 minutes we reserved.

A few things I might want to change for the future:

  • I've asked everyone to come with node and npm installed, that worked perfectly, next time I'll ask everyone to come with also the application already configured, a couple person had problems (which luckily were resolved by the audience)
  • bring moar water. I was dying, so hot.
  • sometimes people might feel left behind (this was not the case, but we got close to that), so describing accurately what they should see is key
  • try to talk less to involve the audience a bit more

All considered I'm really happy about how this went.


Basically got blocked for hours on translating this code

esrecurse.visit(ast, {
  Literal: console.log

to ClojureScript code

#(.visit esrecurse % (js-obj "Literal" (fn [node] node)))

In the end I've coded the mutation in JS and required that into CLojureScript code.

I spent the whole day trying to figure that out and it looks like now it's working, so next steps should be:

  • get the mutated AST
  • using escodegen move back to source code
  • using node vm evaluate that into the context of the default test runner
  • profit!


  • read chrome tabs
  • project lamp
  • still need some attention needed for timsort, radix sort, dijkstra algo
  • chapter 1 and 2 of the little schemer in Clojure
  • reflect on first two weeks of RC
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