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Last active Apr 14, 2017
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[RC Diary] Interviews (-46)

[RC Diary] Interviews (-46)



Today I've learned that I should apply my interview tools

  • can I relax some of the contraints on the result?
  • can I approach it in more time / more space?
  • can I assume I have crucial functions that would lead me towards a solution?

everytime I get stuck. Even when I'm baffled by the complexity of a problem: for example today I was given a mathematical problem, that was presented more or less like:

You are given f(x) = ( a * ( b - x ) ) % m, how would you go and implement a function that tells you the length of the repeating sequence?

So, the key points here are two:

  • f(x) = ( a * ( b - x ) ) % m could be simplified as f(x) = x % m
  • % works like this 0 % 3 == 0, 1 % 3 == 1, 2 % 3 == 0, 3 % 3 == 0, 4 % 3 == 1

it is clear now that % repeats a sequence. So that was the key to go through the problem.


I've been asked to show how I would implement an url shortener, I feel like it went better than the last time. Last time it was in an interview, I think 1.5 years ago, so many thing changed since then.

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