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Moving between tmux panes à la Spacemacs

Moving between tmux panes à la Spacemacs


Along with Spacemacs I work with a tmux session with all my projects opened, usually a single project window consists in at least two panes, one for the server and one for the tests.

In Spacemacs you move to window 2 with SPC-2. It's pretty useful, especially when you have multiple files opened.

In tmux I used to move around using C-a UP if for example I wanted to go to the pane above the current one, needless to say this feels awkward when you switch from one program to the other, so I tweaked the configuration a bit until I got the same behaviour in both.

The code

In my .zshrc

tmux-select-pane-1() { tmux select-pane -t '1' }
zle -N tmux-select-pane-1
bindkey " 1" tmux-select-pane-1

So whenever I type SPC-1 in rapid succession I move to pane 1.

To avoid having pane numbers starting from 0 I have this in my .tmux.conf

setw -g pane-base-index 1

I've found it useful to have the pane number in my RPS1, so I know where to switch, use this:

echo $(tmux display-message -p '#P')


You have to be careful when you write a space followed by a number (it happens in my workflow as I use SCM breeze), but it's a minor annoyance and I think over time I'll get used to it.

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