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### ctags
### global
lazywithclass / exercises.scm
Last active Oct 27, 2017
Exercises after The Little Schemer chapter 2 (2)
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;; in the previous solution we implemented 2nd and last
;; but we did not define proper return values for the edge cases,
;; this time we will
;; your task will be to provide those values, as you can imagine
;; (sum 4 'gatto) does not have an answer
;; make it so that expressions will return true
;; a suggestion would be to paste the definitions of 2nd and last
;; above the exercises and fix the errors you get, by returning proper values
lazywithclass / exercises.scm
Last active Oct 23, 2017
Exercises after The Little Schemer chapter 2
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;; write the function "2nd" that given a list of atoms
;; returns the second atom
;; return values for illegal cases are up to you
;; try to be reasonable though
(define 2nd
(lambda (lat)
;; ...
;; then write the results for these applications by running your function
(2nd '()) ;; ???
lazywithclass /
Last active Oct 22, 2017
[Teaching programming] Lesson two

[Teaching programming] Lesson two - lazyblog

From the previous lesson

It wasn't clear, and still isn't to me as of now, how S-exps are counted in a list, for example

;; how many are here? Is it 2?
(((a b c) d))
lazywithclass / exercises.scm
Last active Oct 16, 2017
Exercises after The Little Schemer chapter 1
View exercises.scm
;; given leq? that checks for lists equality
;; complete the following, so that the result is true
;; all these exercises can be solved with combinations of
;; car, cdr, cons
;; be creative!
;; this is just an example I solved for you :)
;; l -> (1 2 3)
;; m -> (0 1 2 3)
lazywithclass /
Created Oct 10, 2017
[Teaching programming] Lesson one

[Teaching programming] Lesson one - lazyblog

I hate to use "teaching" and "lesson", but those are the easiest words that come to mind right now.

I will be teaching a friend of mine how to program, from zero to (hopefully) web dev so she can see if it could be something she would like to do for a living.

The book

To give her the basic concepts I am going to use The Little Schemer. I feel like it's


161 - lazyblog

The end of 7 long months

It started in March 2017 and it ended this afternoon 19/09/2017, when I finally realised I am going to sign with this company.

The numbers


1) Write an algorithm (choose the language you prefer) that given a character string, for instance {‘c’,’a’,’i’,’o’,’p’,’a’}, will print out the list of characters appearing at least 2 times. In this specific example, it would return {‘a’}. Afterwards, comment out the cost in terms of space and time.

// I've left out validation to concentrate on the algorithm itself, I hope it's ok

// O(n) time
lazywithclass /
Last active Jul 26, 2017
Learning Vue.js

Learning Vue.js - lazyblog

A lot of time has passed since I willingly wanted to learn a frontend JS framework, I am doing it again because

  • Vue's docs seems to be detailed enough
  • there's a nice and easy way to start
  • I've used it for a take home assignment as part of a job interview and loved how it all came together easily and almost painless
  • enriches HTML the Angular.js way, so that's something I already know
lazywithclass /
Last active Jul 30, 2018
On tests, take home problems, and a HackerRank bookmarklet

On tests, take home problems, and a HackerRank bookmarklet - lazyblog

So recently I've been interviewing and as you can imagine that means doing take home problems and online tests.

I am not pointing fingers (so please continue hiring me lol), I am addressing the problem in the industry, because almost everyone is doing it in the same way, so you could say no one is directly responsible. Even though willingness to have a better process should be a thing.

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