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le0nidas/slap__one_level.kt Secret

Last active Dec 26, 2020
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class CreateTask(
private val clock: Clock,
private val localStorage: LocalStorage,
private val observers: List<TaskObserver>
) {
fun invoke(description: String) {
val newTask = createNewTask(description)
private fun createNewTask(description: String): Task {
val normalizedDescription = normalize(description)
return Task(normalizedDescription, Status.NotStarted,
private fun normalize(description: String): String {
return if (description.length > MAX_DESCRIPTION_LENGTH)
description.substring(0, MAX_DESCRIPTION_LENGTH - 1) else
private fun notifyAnyObservers(newTask: Task) {
.filter { taskObserver -> taskObserver.observedStatus == Status.NotStarted }
.forEach { taskObserver -> taskObserver.notify(newTask) }
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