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anildigital / client.js
Created Apr 9, 2011
Twitter streaming API example twitter-node and
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<title>Codesnippit NodeJS Twitter Tracker Client</title>
(function() {
var script = document.createElement("script");
script.src = "";
mrdoob / RequestAnimationFrame.js
Created Feb 22, 2011
Provides requestAnimationFrame in a cross browser way.
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* Provides requestAnimationFrame in a cross browser way.
* @author paulirish /
if ( !window.requestAnimationFrame ) {
window.requestAnimationFrame = ( function() {
return window.webkitRequestAnimationFrame ||
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name: guilloche
script: guilloche.js
description: guilloche
provides: [Guilloche]
mazuhl / application_controller.rb
Created Jan 8, 2010
Putting together a traffic analytics model and controller for a Ruby on Rails app based on this presentation about Scribd (see slides 17 to 22).
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class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
helper :all # include all helpers, all the time
protect_from_forgery # See ActionController::RequestForgeryProtection for details
# Scrub sensitive parameters from your log
# filter_parameter_logging :password
before_filter :log_page_view, :except => [:destroy]
vangberg / README
Created Feb 22, 2009
Deploying a Sinatra app to Heroku
# Deploying a Sinatra app to Heroku
## Database
The location of the database Heroku provides can be found in the environment
variable DATABASE_URL. Check the configure-block of toodeloo.rb for an example
on how to use this.
## Server
Heroku is serving your apps with thin, with means you have all your thin goodness available,
such as EventMachine.