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repeat in sed
# sed에서는 \1 이 $1 과 같은 역활을 함
$ git tag -l | grep prod/ | sed "s|prod/\(.*\)|test/\1 test_\1|"
test/200601_111050 test_200601_111050
test/200603_183259 test_200603_183259
test/200608_160836 test_200608_160836
test/200610_131331 test_200610_131331
test/200612_102757 test_200612_102757
test/200613_004623 test_200613_004623
test/200613_004827 test_200613_004827
test/200613_005522 test_200613_005522
test/200613_011329 test_200613_011329
test/200613_015521 test_200613_015521
test/200624_161000 test_200624_161000
test/200624_161521 test_200624_161521
test/200624_163736 test_200624_163736
test/200625_091920 test_200625_091920
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