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Better git stash
#!/usr/bin/env python2
import subprocess
import sys
import datetime
import re
if __name__ == "__main__":
t =
branchn = subprocess.check_output([ 'git'
, 'rev-parse'
, '--abbrev-ref'
, 'HEAD']
).split('\n') [0]
tempbranch = re.match('temporary-commits/(.*)', branchn)
if tempbranch:
if '-r' in sys.argv:
tbn =
print('Coming from temporary branch at '+tbn)
origBranch, tmpDate = re.match('(.*?)/([0-9]*-[0-9]*-[0-9]*.[0-9]*-[0-9]*-[0-9]*)$', tbn).groups()[ 'git', 'checkout', '--detach' ])[ 'git', 'reset', '--soft', 'HEAD^' ])[ 'git', 'checkout', '-b', origBranch ])
if '-r' not in sys.argv:[ 'git'
, 'checkout'
, '-b'
, 'temporary-commits/'+branchn+'/'+t.strftime('%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S')
])[ 'git'
, 'commit'
, '-am'
, 'Temporary commit' if len(sys.argv) == 1
else sys.argv[1]

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leftaroundabout commented Mar 22, 2016

This script does much the same thing as git stash, but stores the information like any other commit in a dedicated git-branch, which makes the stash rather more easy to work with.


  • git-tmp-commit to stash some work as a commit on a suitably named temporary branch.
  • You can simply check out the branch like any other git branch. git-tmp-commit -r will “undo” a temporary commit, i.e. reset you to the previous “proper” branch, but keep the work as uncommitted (but staged) changes in the working directory.
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