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Oleg Solomka legomushroom

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View PY0101EN-2-1-Tuples.ipynb
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View rotary encoder [COM-09117]
(Copy and paste)
Rotary encoder decoding using two interrupt lines.
Most Arduino boards have two external interrupts,
numbers 0 (on digital pin 2) and 1 (on digital pin 3).
Program sketch is for SparkFun Rotary Encoder sku: COM-09117
Connect the middle pin of the three to ground.
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// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
function foo () {
var a = 2;
function bar () {
View gist:e9c02c864a42bf5a8a0f91d2e0590dba
export const promiseState = async (p: Promise<any>): Promise<string> => {
const t = {};
return await Promise.race([p, t]).then(
(v) => {
return (v === t)
? 'pending'
: 'fulfilled';
() => 'rejected');
legomushroom /
Created Jan 8, 2020 — forked from croxton/
Generate ssl certificates with Subject Alt Names

Generate ssl certificates with Subject Alt Names on OSX

Open ssl.conf in a text editor.

Edit the domain(s) listed under the [alt_names] section so that they match the local domain name you want to use for your project, e.g.

DNS.1   =

Additional FQDNs can be added if required:

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<div id="app">
<h1>{{ header }}</h1>
<p>Feel free to edit the HTML, JavaScript and CSS in this playground. The preview will update in real-time, so that
you can visually explore your ideas.</p>
<button @click="sayHi">Say Hi! <span class="fa fa-heart" /></button>
View gist:862bcd10265b2f8895d2447b370bdd09
export interface IPostMessageInfo {
type: 'vso-retrieve-partner-info-response';
partnerName: 'salesforce';
managementPortalUrl: string;
responseId: string;
environmentId: string;
token: string;
credentials: IGitCredential[];
  1. Settings sync auth:

    • AAD token in VSO case (ARM?).
    • GH token in the GH case.
  2. GH PR Extension auth:

    • GH token (if set) in VSO case.
    • GH token in the GH case(?).