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Leo Balter leobalter

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op_list = [
("<", lambda a, b: a < b, "less-than"),
("<=", lambda a, b: a <= b, "less-than-or-equal"),
(">", lambda a, b: a > b, "greater-than"),
(">=", lambda a, b: a >= b, "greater-than-or-equal"),
# This is the hex representation of Number.MAX_VALUE.
max_value_digits = "0xfffffffffffff8" + "0" * 242

my provisory gist

This is a markdown content, same as in the wiki page.

How do I set it as markdown? The file name has a .md extension.

test262-harness --hostType=d8 -t 4 $(git grep --name-only --extended-regexp "verify(Not)?Configurable" test/)
test262-harness --hostPath=`which js` --hostType=jsshell -t 4 $(git grep --name-only --extended-regexp "verify(Not)?Configurable" test/)
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onst getLast = (arr, def) => (arr[arr.length - 1] || def)
const getLastUser = arr => {
const last = getLast(arr, [])
return getLast(last, {})
const pushIntoLast = (arr, value) => {
const last = getLast(arr, [])
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Created Mar 26, 2017 — forked from bmhatfield/.profile
Automatic Git commit signing with GPG on OSX
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# In order for gpg to find gpg-agent, gpg-agent must be running, and there must be an env
# variable pointing GPG to the gpg-agent socket. This little script, which must be sourced
# in your shell's init script (ie, .bash_profile, .zshrc, whatever), will either start
# gpg-agent or set up the GPG_AGENT_INFO variable if it's already running.
# Add the following to your shell init to set up gpg-agent automatically for every shell
if [ -f ~/.gnupg/.gpg-agent-info ] && [ -n "$(pgrep gpg-agent)" ]; then
source ~/.gnupg/.gpg-agent-info
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First you need to build JSC. Since it is a module in WebKit, you can follow these instructions to get the code and learn how to build it.
After the machine setup, you can build JSC as a stand-alone CLI program running
```<path_to_webkit>/Tools/Scripts/build-jsc —release```
It will build jsc into ```<path_to_webkit>/WebKitBuild/Release```
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test262-harness --hostPath=`which d8` --hostType=d8 --hostArgs='--harmony_regexp_property' $(git diff --cached tc39/master --diff-filter=AM --name-only test/) -t 4
test262-harness --hostPath=`which d8` --hostType=d8 $(git diff --name-only)
test262-harness $(git grep --name-only --extended-regexp 'verify(Not)?Enumerable' test/) # uses node by default
test262-harness --hostPath=`which d8` --hostType=d8 $(git diff --cached --name-only) # added files only
time test262-harness --hostType=jsshell -t 4 --hostPath=`which js` $(git grep --name-only -E 'features\: \[*+object-(rest|spread)' test/language)
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The following is a template for a day of notes.

July 26 2016 Meeting Notes

Alice Smith (AS), Bob McCoy (BMC), Carol Waters (CW)


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$ test262-harness --hostType="node" test/built-ins/RegExp/*.js
return binding.readdir(pathModule._makeLong(path), options.encoding);
Error: ENOTDIR: not a directory, scandir 'test/built-ins/RegExp/'
at Error (native)
at Object.fs.readdirSync (fs.js:951:18)
at findTest262Root (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/test262-harness/lib/findTest262.js:32:23)
at findTest262Dir (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/test262-harness/lib/findTest262.js:21:15)
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- name: install Google's depot tools to fetch and sync v8
- name: fetch v8
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