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Eclipse/RAD SWT Browser Path Error Fix
Q: What do I need to run the SWT Browser in a standalone application on Linux or Solaris?
A: Follow the steps below to use the SWT Browser widget in your standalone SWT application.
A supported native browser must be installed (linux requirements) (solaris requirements).
If a supported WebKitGTK and/or XULRunner is installed then it should be found automatically at runtime with no additional effort. For other native Mozilla-based browsers:
Set the environment variable MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME to the native browser's installation folder. e.g. setenv MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME /usr/lib/mozilla
Set the environmnent variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME. e.g. setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME}:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}
Your standalone SWT application can now use the Browser widget.
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