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Last active May 6, 2016
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MySQL backup using Ruby script

MySQL backup using Ruby script

This is a simple script that I wrote to backup my local databases. It uses terminal-notifier to create OS notifications and time_difference to report how much time it takes to execute a backup.


  • Install the required gems: gem install time_difference terminal-notifier
  • Adjust the relevant variables: databases, path
  • The connection variables are set in the .my.cnf file. I don't want your MySQL password in the script.
    • Create the following .my.cnf file in your home directory. The correct permission for this file is 600:
  • Run the script: ruby backup.rb

Extra tip: you should create an user with only select privilegies to execute this backup script

require 'terminal-notifier'
require 'time_difference'
started_at =
databases = %w(database1 database2 database3)
path = '/Users/youruser/backups'
start_message = 'Backup started'
puts start_message
TerminalNotifier.notify(start_message, title: 'MySQL Backup')
databases.each do |database|
filename = "#{path}/#{database}_#{"%Y%m%d%H%M")}.sql"
cmd = "mysqldump #{database} > #{filename}"
puts "Database: #{database}"
finished_at =
puts "Deleting old backups..."
system("find #{path} -type f -mtime +3 -delete")
end_message = "Backup ended in #{TimeDifference.between(started_at, finished_at).in_seconds} seconds"
puts end_message
TerminalNotifier.notify(end_message, title: "MySQL Backup")
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