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def import_embedding(embedding_name="data/default"):
if not embedding_name:
return None, None
file_flag = os.path.isfile(embedding_name+"_word_encoding.json")
file_flag &= os.path.isfile(embedding_name+"_cat_encoding.json")
if not file_flag:
return None, None
word_encoding = {}
with open(embedding_name+"_word_encoding.json") as word_embedding:
word_encoding = json.load(word_embedding)
category_encoding = {}
with open(embedding_name+"_cat_encoding.json") as cat_embedding:
category_encoding = json.load(cat_embedding)
return word_encoding, category_encoding
def export_embedding(word_encoding, category_encoding, embedding_name="data/default"):
if not embedding_name or (not word_encoding) or 2 > len(word_encoding) \
or (not category_encoding) or 2 > len(category_encoding):
with open(embedding_name+"_word_encoding.json", "w") as embedding:
with open(embedding_name+"_cat_encoding.json", "w") as embedding:
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