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@lfairy / forked from anonymous/
Last active Dec 14, 2015

Simple input loop demonstrating higher-order functions
Simple input loop thing, with ducks.
By Lambda Fairy (
n = read(int, 'Enter a number: ')
MIN = 1
MAX = 100
guess = read(
int_in_range(MIN, MAX),
'Enter a number from {} through {}: '.format(MIN, MAX))
true = read(yes_no, 'Do you like ducks? ')
Public domain, because public domain is cool.
# Work on both Python 2 and 3
read_str = raw_input
except NameError:
read_str = input
def read(parse, message='', error=None):
while True:
return parse(read_str(message).strip())
except ValueError as ex:
print(error or ex)
def int_in_range(low, high):
def parse(s):
number = int(s)
if not (low <= s <= high):
raise ValueError('number must be from {} through {}'.format(low, high))
return number
return parse
YESES = set('yt')
NOESES = set('nf')
def yes_no(s):
if len(s) < 1:
raise ValueError('enter yes or no')
letter = s[0].lower()
if letter in YESES:
return True
elif letter in NOESES:
return False
raise ValueError('enter yes or no')
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