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Nuget pack post build
copy "$(TargetPath)" "$(ProjectDir)nuget-package\lib\net40\"
"$(SolutionDir)nuget\NuGet.exe" pack "$(ProjectDir)nuget-package\Automovel.Corretor.nuspec" -OutputDirectory "$(ProjectDir)nuget-package"
copy "$(ProjectDir)nuget-package\*.nupkg" "\\DC-000-043\wwwroot\nugetserver\Packages\"
copy "$(TargetPath)" "$(ProjectDir)..\nuget-package\lib\net40\"
"$(SolutionDir).nuget\NuGet.exe" pack $(ProjectPath)
copy "$(TargetDir)\*.nupkg" "\\sp-iis01t\nuget\integracoes\packages"
if $(ConfigurationName) == Release (
echo "Publicando nuget package com contrato automovel corretor"
echo "$(TargetDir)"
"$(SolutionDir).nuget\NuGet.exe" pack $(ProjectPath)
copy "$(TargetDir)*.nupkg" "\\sp-iis01t\nuget\integracoes\packages"
) else (
echo ""
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