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You can simply copy this file into the Save the Date game folder and it'll overwrite the script.rpyc on the next open. The edited option still requires the I_AM_A_HACKER boolean but incorporates that as a valid choice instead of an FU.
define f = Character('Felicia', color="#c8ffc8", show_two_window=False, image="felicia")
$ narrator = Character(None, color="#c8ffc8")
image felicia happy = Image("art/f_happy.png")
image felicia sad = Image("art/f_sad.png")
image felicia angry = Image("art/f_angry.png")
image felicia pensive = Image("art/f_pensive.png")
image felicia surprised = Image("art/f_surprised.png")
image felicia suspicious = Image("art/f_suspicious.png")
image felicia phone = Image("art/phone.png")
image bg bedroom = Image("art/bg_bedroom.png")
image bg tacos = Image("art/bg_tacos.png")
image bg thai = Image("art/bg_thai.png")
image bg burgers = Image("art/bg_burgers.png")
image bg hill = Image("art/bg_hill.png")
image bg hill_stars = Image("art/bg_hill_fallingstars.png")
image bg hill_statuedeath = Image("art/bg_hill_statuedeath.png")
image bg credits = Image("art/menu_bg.png")
label start:
$ quick_menu = True
$ setmusic("audio/bedroom.ogg")
$ _game_menu_screen = "save_screen"
call countDeaths
if not persistent.initted:
$ resetPersistentData(False)
with None
scene bg bedroom
with fade
"*Ring* *Ring*"
with None
show felicia phone
with easeinbottom
"*Ring* *Ring*\n*Ring* *Ring*"
f "Hello?"
f "Oh, you're early! You must be calling about tonight?"
f "I meant to ask where we were meeting!"
f "I know we were planning on having dinner, but we never decided where!"
f "Where are we having dinner?"
"Do burgers sound good?":
f "Sounds good! See you at the Burger Shack!"
$ currentLocation = "burgers"
$ fooddesc = "burgers"
jump dinnerStart_burgers
"How about Thai food?":
f "Ooh, I've never had Thai! That sounds fun!"
$ currentLocation = "thai"
$ fooddesc = "thai food"
jump dinnerStart_thai
"I think tonight needs to be taco night.":
f "Hooray for taco-night!"
$ fooddesc = "tacos"
$ currentLocation = "tacos"
jump dinnerStart_tacos
"Change in plans. We can't go out to dinner tonight. It's too dangerous." if persistent.totalDeathsSeen >= 3:
$ fooddesc = "none"
$ currentLocation = "hilltop"
jump hilltop_convince
"Why don't you head over to my place? I'll make dinner and we can watch some Netflix or something." if I_AM_A_HACKER:
f "Hmm, that doesn't sound half bad. I'll bring some wine but you better have the ice cream."
"The two of you have a great time, and finish a second bottle of wine snuggling on the couch."
"Felicia falls asleep in your arms and shortly after, you doze off as well."
jump hackerGoodEnding
"Actually, I don't think I want to meet up tonight after all.":
jump noDinner
label noDinner:
"She seems hurt that you canceled your plans. When you see her the next day, she's friendly enough, but there's a barrier between you now."
"You remain friendly acquaintances, but that's as far as it ever goes. You never do manage to ask her to dinner again."
if not persistent.d_aliens:
$ stopmusic()
"Eventually, she starts seeing someone else. Years later, they have started a life together, and are extremely happy. You try not to envy them, but sometimes you wonder if things might have gone differently."
$ gameovermusic()
"{size=+10}~The End~{/size}\n\nYou never even got a date."
"Eventually, she starts seeing someone else. Years later, they have started a life together, and are extremely happy. Sometimes you wonder if things might have gone differently."
"Not often, though. Because you have seen a lot of the ways it could have gone instead. And all of them are worse."
"On the balance, maybe this isn't such a bad place to end the story after all."
"{size=+20}~The{/size} (or at least an) {size=+20}End~{/size}"
label triedToLeave:
"You finish your [fooddesc] and head out."
"You haven't made it more than a foot from the door, though, when a car crashes into the front of the restaurant."
"Unfortunately, the two of you are directly in it's path."
"You are flung to the side, but Felicia is not so lucky."
$ persistent.d_leavingEqualsCar = True
"The ambulance arrives quickly, but she doesn't even make it to the hospital before succumbing to internal bleeding and a punctured lung."
jump standardEnd
label stayedAtRestaurant:
if currentLocation == "thai":
jump waitedTooLong_thai
if currentLocation == "burgers":
jump waitedTooLong_burgers
if currentLocation == "tacos":
jump waitedTooLong_tacos
"Error, couldn't figure out where you were. currentLocation = [currentLocation]"
label standardEnd:
$ persistent.totalDeathsSeen += 1
$ gameovermusic()
"{size=+10}~The End~{/size}\n\nYour date has ended in disaster."
label hackerGoodEnding:
"The next morning you hand her a lottery ticket with a sly grin. You have a pretty good feeling about it."
"You roll out of bed momentarily disoriented. A gentle tropical breeze wafts the smell of fresh-brewed coffee, and you smile as you see Felicia looking out the window. Another morning in paradise."
"{size=+10}~The End~{/size}\nSometimes it occurs to you that the author was a bit dickish about the hacker ending, but it was nothing that unrpyc couldn't fix."
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