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Created September 16, 2017 21:15
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import flickrapi
import urllib
import json
import random
import filecmp
import shutil
import os.path
from pprint import pprint
api_key = u'your api key'
api_secret = u'your api secret'
access_token = u'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx' # these two get filled in in a bit
token_secret = u'xxxxxxxxxxxxx'
user_id = "your user id" # mine was 48889036627@N01
flickr = flickrapi.FlickrAPI(api_key, api_secret,format='parsed-json')
photos = []
print('Step 1: authenticate')
# Only do this if we don't have a valid token already
if not flickr.token_valid(perms='read'):
# Get a request token
# Open a browser at the authentication URL. Do this however
# you want, as long as the user visits that URL.
authorize_url = flickr.auth_url(perms=u'read')
# Get the verifier code from the user. Do this however you
# want, as long as the user gives the application the code.
verifier = unicode(raw_input('Verifier code: '))
# Trade the request token for an access token
print('Step 2: use Flickr')
for x in range(1, 8): # the number is in the response - I just ran out of time to handle it!
resp = flickr.favorites.getList(api_key=api_key,user_id=user_id,per_page='500',authenticated=True,page=x,extras="description,date_upload,date_taken,owner_name,icon_server,original_format,last_update,geo,tags,machine_tags,o_dims,views,media,path_alias,url_sq,url_t,url_s,url_q,url_m,url_n,url_z,url_c,url_l,url_o")
# print(json.dumps(resp, indent=4))
filen = "faves_"+str(x)+".json"
print("dumping faves to "+filen)
file = open(filen,"w")
file.write(json.dumps(resp, indent=4))
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