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@liebke liebke/newtheme.clj Secret
Created Apr 4, 2010

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(ns newtheme.core
(:use [incanter core stats charts datasets]))
(view (histogram (sample-normal 1000)))
(view (scatter-plot :Sepal.Length :Sepal.Width :data (get-dataset :iris)))
(doto (scatter-plot :Sepal.Length :Sepal.Width :data (get-dataset :iris))
(set-stroke-color java.awt.Color/gray)
(view (scatter-plot :Sepal.Length :Sepal.Width
:group-by :Species
:data (get-dataset :iris)))
(view (function-plot sin -10 10))
(doto (function-plot sin -10 10)
(add-function cos -10 10)
(with-data (->> (get-dataset :hair-eye-color)
($rollup :sum :count [:hair :eye]))
(view (bar-chart :hair :count :group-by :eye :legend true)))
(doto (box-plot (sample-gamma 1000 :shape 1 :rate 2)
:legend true :y-label "")
(add-box-plot (sample-gamma 1000 :shape 2 :rate 2))
(add-box-plot (sample-gamma 1000 :shape 3 :rate 2)))
(use '(incanter core charts))
(defn log32 [x] (/ (log x) (log 32)))
(defn f1 [n] (plus (log2 n) (mult (log32 n) 5000)))
(defn f2 [n] n)
(def min-val 10)
(def max-val 40000)
(def chart (doto (function-plot f1 min-val max-val
:legend true
:series-label "O(log2 n) + O(log32 n) * 5000"
:x-label ""
:y-label "")
(add-function f2 min-val max-val :step-size 5000 :series-label "O(n)")
(set-stroke :width 2)
(set-stroke :width 2 :dataset 1 :dash 5)))
(view chart)
;; PLOT (A)
(doto chart
(set-title "(A)")
(set-x-range 100 5000)
(set-y-range 30 12000))
;; PLOT (B)
(doto chart
(set-title "(B)")
(set-y-range 10000 16000)
(set-x-range 10000 16000))
;; PLOT (C)
(doto chart
(set-title "(C)")
(set-y-range 0 30000)
(set-x-range 0 30000))
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