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Last active Mar 21, 2019
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  • Detect mobile browsers (
  • Use clickable overlay if clickability can be toggled or facing issues with nested anchors
  • Use minWidth to fixate width for child in flex layouts
  • Use + in front of dates in JS to convert to integer
  • The <link> element for css/fonts etc. can be placed anywhere in the HTML document
  • <SizeMe /> is good for passing down height/width to child components
  • In Knex select statement ordering matters - will override
    •['file.*', ''])
  • Alias fields on GQL query: query { products: books(id: $id) { ... } }
  • Using DocBlocks gives text hints on hover in TS


  • With odd cases such as modules being imported as {} check for cyclical dependencies
  • Jest timeouts can be caused by jest.mock('./module') - mock methods separately instead
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