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task 2.4.5
Platform: Linux
Version: 4.7.2
Caps: +stdc +stdc_hosted +c8 +i32 +l32 +vp32 +time_t32
Compliance: C++11
Build Features
Built: Aug 18 2015 02:54:04
Commit: 2331810
CMake: 2.8.9
libuuid: libuuid + uuid_unparse_lower
libgnutls: 2.12.20
Build type:
File: /home/djp/.taskrc (found), 5440 bytes, mode 100644
Data: /home/djp/.task (found), dir, mode 40755
Locking: Enabled
GC: Enabled
CA: ~/.task/ca.cert.pem, readable, 4032 bytes
Trust: ignore hostname
Certificate: ~/.task/david_patrick.cert.pem, readable, 4016 bytes
Key: ~/.task/david_patrick.key.pem, readable, 25756 bytes
Ciphers: NORMAL
Creds: PUBLIC/David Patrick/************************************
Scripts: Enabled
/home/djp/.task/hooks/default-date-time (executable) (unrecognized hook name)
/home/djp/.task/hooks/on-add-pirate (not executable)
/home/djp/.task/hooks/on-add-shift-all-recurrence (not executable)
/home/djp/.task/hooks/ (not executable)
/home/djp/.task/hooks/on-modify-pirate (not executable)
/home/djp/.task/hooks/ (not executable)
/home/djp/.task/hooks/task.start-actions (executable) (unrecognized hook name)
$TERM: screen (120x30)
Dups: Scanned 562 tasks for duplicate UUIDs:
No duplicates found
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