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Last active Aug 5, 2019
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# Avoid default fish path abbreviation
set -g -x fish_prompt_pwd_dir_length 0
# Use vim as default editor in fish
set -g -x EDITOR vim
# Force language of CLI tools to English (US)
set -g -x LANG en_US.UTF-8
#status --is-interactive; and source (rbenv init -|psub)
set -x PATH $PATH $HOME/.fastlane/bin
set -g -x PATH $PATH ~/bin
# Foreign-env (from nix-profile)
set fish_function_path $fish_function_path ~/.nix-profile/share/fish-foreign-env/functions/
# Nix (from nix-profile)
fenv source ~/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/ ^/dev/null
# End Nix
abbr --add gs git status
abbr --add cd~ cd ~
abbr --add cd- cd -
abbr --add cd.. cd ..
abbr --add ... cd ../..
abbr --add tac tail -r
abbr --add mv mv -i
abbr --add cp cp -i
abbr --add gd git diff
abbr --add pass pass -c
abbr --add stash git stash -m
gpgconf --launch gpg-agent
set -xg SSH_AUTH_SOCK $HOME/.gnupg/S.gpg-agent.ssh
eval (direnv hook fish)
#eval (docker-machine env)
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