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PHP SDK- Litle Credit Transaction
require_once realpath(dirname(__FILE__)) . '/../lib/LitleOnline.php';
#litleTxnId contains the Litle Transaction Id returned on
#the capture or sale transaction being credited
#the amount is optional, if it isn't submitted the full amount will be credited
$credit_info = array(
'id'=> '456',
$initilaize = new LitleOnlineRequest();
$creditResponse = $initilaize->creditRequest($credit_info);
#display results
echo ("Response: " . (XmlParser::getNode($creditResponse,'response')) . "<br>");
echo ("Message: " . XmlParser::getNode($creditResponse,'message') . "<br>");
echo ("Litle Transaction ID: " . XmlParser::getNode($creditResponse,'litleTxnId'));
litleSDK commented Mar 9, 2012

Please make sure to adjust the pathname, before running any tests

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