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PHP SDK-Litle Void Transaction
require_once realpath(dirname(__FILE__)) . '/../lib/LitleOnline.php';
$void_info = array(
'id'=> '456'
$initilaize = &new LitleOnlineRequest();
$voidResponse = $initilaize->voidRequest($void_info);
#display results
echo ("Response: " . (XmlParser::getNode($voidResponse ,'response')) . "<br>");
echo ("Message: " . XmlParser::getNode($voidResponse ,'message') . "<br>");
echo ("Litle Transaction ID: " . XmlParser::getNode($voidResponse ,'litleTxnId'));
bigonese commented Dec 7, 2013

Just a heads up, the link to this gist is broken...
It seems like this gist should be linked at the bottom of this page (see the Void PHP Example link):
(instead it links to a non-existent gist)

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