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Last active August 22, 2020 17:47
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You are an intern, and it is your first day on the job at Tracealyze, the leading Blockchain Analytics company in the known universe. Your boss has given you and the other interns a challenge, which if solved, will greatly increase your chances of getting hired.


Two leading exchanges, Botfinex and Trinance, are trying to detect whether people are evading taxes by using Monero transfers to mask the trail of funds between their exchanges. They have provided Tracealyze with viewkeys to their exchanges, and it is your job to analyze the blockchain to determine which, if any, transactions plausibly came from the same person. Please note that all transactions in this puzzle travel from Trinance to Botfinex, funds never go from Botfinex to Trinance. Botfinex and Trinance both listed Monero in August 2020, so you can start your sync from there.


Provide a list of txid paths that are likely originated from Trinance and ended at Botfinex, as well as a list of txids from Trinance or to Botfinex that can be ruled out as having a path, and the methodology used for your determination. If you can estimate the margin of error for each path, even better.




Trinance Viewkey: 79fc3430ae44db5cee669b41da97047f963c86eeb9bd9a38be25db10e1139906

Trinance Primary Address: 47k2iq3L8mTZyECtGLfBjvhriKGmkwsqV1scDYWTAoBGQbEkyGd6aBH9fSKPkehKwtbE6uyFWUiYUTXKgEAsLeN4VpECF64

Botfinex Viewkey: 91857ba60e868d716011d48087ffac031bf29d4fc1099d11ac89431984583707

Botfinex Primary Address: 4BDViaf4Nid78YNsRMzx5PgaqPXZzRgkAbn5P2B38C95gpZgt7q5nrzGPMNrqc1Rvq4fb4nWTnFBi1dTDHvAUy1Y1sWWTie

Version 2: Bungled the viewkeys, should work now.

Version 3: Added an indication of where to start the sync.

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tobtoht commented Aug 22, 2020

Edit: Happy to share the code used to import the data into Neo4J, PM me on Reddit.

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