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Face With Tears of Joy...

Lixingcong lixingcong

Face With Tears of Joy...
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lixingcong /
Last active Jun 5, 2016 Sample
package seq;
public class Employee {
public String name;
public int age;
lixingcong / .gitconfig
Last active Apr 9, 2019
A simple configure template for git commands. 注意:不再更新,新版存放在Dropbox上 2019-04-09
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name = xxx
email =
signingkey = 37A9AD93
default = simple
ad = add *
cm = commit -am
cmt = commit -m
lixingcong / domains.txt
Last active Feb 22, 2020
[deprecated in 2016] a script to generate chinadns_blacklist.txt
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lixingcong / nginx_google_version1.conf
Last active Oct 15, 2016
nginx reverse proxy for google
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#user nobody;
worker_processes 1;
#error_log logs/error.log;
#error_log logs/error.log notice;
#error_log logs/error.log info;
#pid logs/;
events {
lixingcong / Makefile.partial
Last active Aug 7, 2016
Redirect std stream to USARTx for STM32F103 device
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# toolchain: gcc-arm-none-eabi(Linux), pleas use newlib_stubs.c
OBJS += newlib_stubs.o
CFLAGS += -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -fno-builtin
LDFLAGS += --specs=nano.specs -lc -lnosys
# toolchain: keil MDK(Windows), please use redirect_file_stream.c
# Please check 'USE MicroLIB'
lixingcong / Amplify.txt
Last active Nov 22, 2019
Amplify block list for my phone
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版本 6.7 GooglePlay版
正则表达式 WakerLock:+[0-9]{0,26} 间隔999999
# 正则表达式设置Amplify链接
正则表达式 ALARM_ACTION+[(0-9)]{0,26} 间隔999999$AlarmReceiver 间隔60
lixingcong / nginx_google_version2.conf
Last active Sep 3, 2018
nginx reverse proxy for google(another version)
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#user nobody;
worker_processes 1;
#error_log logs/error.log;
#error_log logs/error.log notice;
#error_log logs/error.log info;
#pid logs/;
lixingcong / config_local.json
Last active Dec 4, 2019
shadowsocks-libev startup script
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"fast_open": false,
lixingcong / my_site.conf
Last active Feb 20, 2020
nginx autoindex timezone setting
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location ^~ /demo {
alias /var/www/demo/;
autoindex on;
# set to on means use localtime
autoindex_localtime on;
# show size with unit 'MB' instead of 'Byte'
autoindex_exact_size off;
lixingcong / sample-google.c
Created Sep 10, 2016 — forked from davidzchen/sample-google.c
Sample C code using the Google C++ style guide
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// Sample file using the Google C++ coding standard.
// General rules:
// - Indents are two spaces. No tabs should be used anywhere.
// - Each line must be at most 80 characters long.
// - Comments can be // or /* but // is most commonly used.
// - File names should be lower_case.c or lower-case.c