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2019.13 Renamed to "DO"

After careful consideration of the Rakudo Perl 6 development team, a unanimous decision has been reached to rename Perl 6 to "DO" (with "dolang" as the search term to be used). The new name also communicates the Rakudo Perl 6 development team's intent to the leave the naming debate and talking behind, and focus on doing.

The naming of Perl 6 has long been a source of conflict: by renaming it to "DO", this should now be solved once and for all. Also, it fits neatly with "rakudo" being aliased to "raku". But since "raku" didn't catch on, it seemed that the only thing left was "do".

Furthermore, the documentation of "DO" will be renamed to "DO Help". And the CLI interface "p6doc" is to be renamed to "doh". These changes will be performed in the first week of April.

Stickers will be provided for the writers of Perl 6 books to be able to still market them. Such as "Parsing with DO", "Learning! DO!", "Fundamentally DO", "Think DO", "DO Deep Dive" and "Glancing at DO".

To emphasize the fact that DO is still part of a family of languages, it is suggested that Perl 5 to be renamed to "DONE", the work that has been done so far on Perl 7 is to be renamed to "TODO", and Perl 11 to be renamed to "DADORUNRUN".

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