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Base64Png Editor Interface
import { Editor, EditorApi, EditorInitArgs, KogitoEditorEnvelopeContextType } from "@kogito-tooling/editor/dist/api";
import { Rect } from "@kogito-tooling/guided-tour/dist/api";
import { Base64PngEditor } from "./Base64PngEditor";
export class Base64PngEditorInterface implements Editor {
private editorRef: React.RefObject<EditorApi>;
public af_isReact = true;
public af_componentId: "base64png-editor";
public af_componentTitle: "Base64 PNG Editor";
private readonly envelopeContext: KogitoEditorEnvelopeContextType,
private readonly initArgs: EditorInitArgs
) {
this.editorRef = React.createRef<EditorApi>();
public getContent(): Promise<string> {
return this.editorRef.current?.getContent()!;
public getElementPosition(selector: string): Promise<Rect | undefined> {
return this.editorRef.current?.getElementPosition(selector)!;
public setContent(path: string, content: string): Promise<void> {
return this.editorRef.current?.setContent(path, content)!;
public getPreview(): Promise<string | undefined> {
return this.editorRef.current?.getPreview()!;
public undo(): Promise<void> {
return this.editorRef.current?.undo()!;
public redo(): Promise<void> {
return this.editorRef.current?.redo()!;
public af_componentRoot() {
return <Base64PngEditor ref={this.editorRef} envelopeContext={this.envelopeContext} />;
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