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export interface PingPongEnvelopeViewApi {
setView(page: PingPong): Promise<void>;
export const PingPongEnvelopeView = React.forwardRef((props, forwardedRef) => {
const [view, setView] = useState<PingPong>();
useImperativeHandle(forwardedRef, () => ({ setView: setView }), []);
return (
<div className={"ping-pong-view--main"}>
{view && (
<h2>This is an implementation of Ping-Pong View</h2>
<p className={"ping-pong-view--p-iframe"}> The {"<iframe>"} border is green </p>
<p className={"ping-pong-view--p-ping-pong"}> The Ping-Pong View implementation border is red </p>
<div id={"ping-pong-view-container"} className={"ping-pong-view-container"}>
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