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private final void installConfigurationValueProducerMethods(@Observes final AfterBeanDiscovery event, final BeanManager beanManager) {
if (event != null && beanManager != null) {
// Get a Configurations object.
final Instance<Object> i = beanManager.createInstance();
assert i != null;
final Instance<Configurations> configurationsInstance =;
assert configurationsInstance != null;
if (configurationsInstance.isResolvable()) {
final Configurations configurations = configurationsInstance.get();
assert configurations != null;
// Find out its set of Types.
final Set<Type> types = configurations.getConversionTypes();
if (types != null && !types.isEmpty()) {
// Create a BeanAttributes representing our almost-producer method.
final AnnotatedType<ConfigurationsExtension> thisType = beanManager.createAnnotatedType(ConfigurationsExtension.class);
final AnnotatedMethod<? super ConfigurationsExtension> producerMethod = thisType.getMethods().stream()
.filter(m -> m.getJavaMember().getName().equals("produceConfigurationValue"))
final BeanAttributes<?> producerAttributes = beanManager.createBeanAttributes(producerMethod);
for (final Type type : types) {
assert type != null;
// For each type, create a Bean representing it.
// The bean will be logically comprised of the BeanAttributes we made above, but
// with its type set appropriately, and a ProducerFactory representing our
// almost-producer method. The combination will make this a "real" Bean
// thus turning our almost-producer method into a "real" producer method.
final Bean<?> bean =
beanManager.createBean(new DelegatingBeanAttributes<Object>(producerAttributes) {
public final Set<Type> getTypes() {
final Set<Type> types = new HashSet<>();
return types;
beanManager.getProducerFactory(producerMethod, null /* null OK; producer method is static */));
// Add the Bean representing the almost-producer method to the container;
// the almost-producer method will now handle injection points of the
// current type!
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