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Doug Feigelson llama

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0x80h, 0x83h, 0x86h, 0x89h, 0x8ch, 0x8fh, 0x92h, 0x95h, 0x98h, 0x9ch, 0x9fh, 0xa2h, 0xa5h, 0xa8h, 0xabh, 0xaeh, 0xb0h, 0xb3h, 0xb6h, 0xb9h, 0xbch, 0xbfh, 0xc1h, 0xc4h, 0xc7h, 0xc9h, 0xcch, 0xceh, 0xd1h, 0xd3h, 0xd5h, 0xd8h, 0xdah, 0xdch, 0xdeh, 0xe0h, 0xe2h, 0xe4h, 0xe6h, 0xe8h, 0xeah, 0xech, 0xedh, 0xefh, 0xf0h, 0xf2h, 0xf3h, 0xf5h, 0xf6h, 0xf7h, 0xf8h, 0xf9h, 0xfah, 0xfbh, 0xfch, 0xfch, 0xfdh, 0xfeh, 0xfeh, 0xffh, 0xffh, 0xffh, 0xffh, 0xffh, 0x100h, 0xffh, 0xffh, 0xffh, 0xffh, 0xffh, 0xfeh, 0xfeh, 0xfdh, 0xfch, 0xfch, 0xfbh, 0xfah, 0xf9h, 0xf8h, 0xf7h, 0xf6h, 0xf5h, 0xf3h, 0xf2h, 0xf0h, 0xefh, 0xedh, 0xech, 0xeah, 0xe8h, 0xe6h, 0xe4h, 0xe2h, 0xe0h, 0xdeh, 0xdch, 0xdah, 0xd8h, 0xd5h, 0xd3h, 0xd1h, 0xceh, 0xcch, 0xc9h, 0xc7h, 0xc4h, 0xc1h, 0xbfh, 0xbch, 0xb9h, 0xb6h, 0xb3h, 0xb0h, 0xaeh, 0xabh, 0xa8h, 0xa5h, 0xa2h, 0x9fh, 0x9ch, 0x98h, 0x95h, 0x92h, 0x8fh, 0x8ch, 0x89h, 0x86h, 0x83h, 0x80h, 0x7ch, 0x79h, 0x76h, 0x73h, 0x70h, 0x6dh, 0x6ah, 0x67h, 0x63h, 0x60h, 0x5dh, 0x5ah, 0x57h, 0x54h, 0x51h, 0x4fh, 0x4ch, 0