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Greasemonkey Script with Forward search in Overleaf
// ==UserScript==
// @name Overleaf Editor Custom VIM Keybindings
// @namespace
// @version 0.1
// @match*
// @grant none
// Source 1:
// Source 2:
// ==/UserScript==
(function() {
'use strict';
// poll until editor is loaded
const retry = setInterval(() => {
if (window._debug_editors === undefined) return
// get current editor instance
// get current editor instance
var editor = window._debug_editors[window._debug_editors.length -1]
// vim keyboard plugin
var vimKeyboard = window.ace.require("ace/keyboard/vim")
// j k within long lines"j", "gj", "normal")"k", "gk", "normal")
// add custom keybindings - insert mode applies on insert"jj", "<Esc>", "insert")
// Equilivantly, from
// window.ace.require("ace/keyboard/vim")'jj', '<Esc>', 'insert')"jk", "<Esc>", "insert")
// Remapping one key to another is doable, in Normal mode
// `nmap h j` can be defined as the following:
// Though, why should this mapping be here anyways? It is just meant for demo purpose.
//"h", "j", "normal")
// Define local commands ==> matching elements along with a identifier that matches.
// Maintenance note: if one hotkey/cmd does not work, check here for the matching HTML element.
name: "jumpToPdf",
exec: function() {
}, {
name: "VimtexTocToggle",
exec: function() {
document.querySelector('a[tooltip*="the file-tree"]').click()
}, {
name: "CloseComment",
exec: function() {
}, {
name: "TogglePDF",
exec: function() {
document.querySelector('a[tooltip*="the PDF"]').click()
// add keybindings for jump to pdf
vimKeyboard.Vim.mapCommand("\\v", "action", "aceCommand",
{ name: "VimtexTocToggle" }, { context: "normal" });
vimKeyboard.Vim.mapCommand("\\lv", "action", "aceCommand",
{ name: "jumpToPdf" }, { context: "normal" });
vimKeyboard.Vim.mapCommand("\\o", "action", "aceCommand",
{ name: "TogglePDF" }, { context: "normal" });
// bind to ;lv
vimKeyboard.Vim.unmap(",")";lv", "\\lv", "normal")",v", "\\v", "normal")
// Use ,o to activate two hotkeys: hide file-menu and hide PDF preview",o", "\\v\\o", "normal")
vimKeyboard.Vim.defineEx("ShowPDF", "", ()=>editor.commands.exec("TogglePDF"))
vimKeyboard.Vim.defineEx("ClosePDF", "", ()=>editor.commands.exec("TogglePDF"))
vimKeyboard.Vim.defineEx("OpenPDF", "", ()=>editor.commands.exec("TogglePDF"))
vimKeyboard.Vim.defineEx("PDF", "", ()=>editor.commands.exec("TogglePDF"))
vimKeyboard.Vim.defineEx("pdf", "", ()=>editor.commands.exec("TogglePDF"))
// Close comment: CC, cc, CloseComment
vimKeyboard.Vim.defineEx("CloseComment", "", ()=>editor.commands.exec("CloseComment"))
vimKeyboard.Vim.defineEx("CC", "", ()=>editor.commands.exec("CloseComment"))
vimKeyboard.Vim.defineEx("cc", "", ()=>editor.commands.exec("CloseComment"))
// set the modified keyboard handler for editor
console.log("Custom key bindings applied")
}, 100)
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llinfeng commented Apr 11, 2020

Full Credits to Harutyun Amirjanyan for the jump-to-PDF script, as found on the Ace forum, in this post.

List of mappings defined in this gist.

  • imap jj <esc> and imap jk <esc>;
  • \lv and ;lv are triggering the following button
  • ,v to toggle the file-tree on the left.
  • :pdf in Commandline, to toggle the PDF pane on the right. Alias include: :PDF, :ShowPDF, :ClosePDF, :OpenPDF.
  • cc in Commandline, to toggle the Comment panel. Alias include: :CC, :CloseComment.

It should be plug-and-play, and include settings of the following sort.

  1. nmap and vmap;
  2. unmap certain special keys. (For now, ; and , are specially reserved for unknown purposes.)
  3. command! Short LongCommand, where :Short can be callable. And, in TamperMonkey, the LongCommand needs to be specified through JavaScript.

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The Violentmonkey add-on for Firefox does not let me to source from this Gist. The script will be updated on here instead.

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