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OpenSC has been configured with the following options:
User binaries: /usr/local/bin
Configuration files: /usr/local/etc
XSL stylesheets: no
man support: no
doc support: no
thread locking support: yes
zlib support: no
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# If you want support for OpenSSL (needed for pkcs15-init tool, software hashing in PKCS#11 library and verification):
# - download and build OpenSSL
# - uncomment the line starting with OPENSSL_DEF
# - set the OPENSSL_INCL_DIR below to your openssl include directory, preceded by "/I"
# - set the OPENSSL_LIB below to your openssl lib file
!IF "$(PLATFORM)" == "x86"
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// color equalization fuuu
int colors = 16;
byte[] r = new byte[colors];
byte[] g = new byte[colors];
byte[] b = new byte[colors];
for (int i = 0; i < colors; i++) {
r[i] = (byte) (i*256/colors & 0xFF);
g[i] = (byte) (i*256/colors & 0xFF);
b[i] = (byte) (i*256/colors & 0xFF);