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Reliability patterns for fun and profit


Reliability patterns for fun and profit


Building large scale systems brings many challenges. With microservices we also see the complexity increase dramatically. Microservices communicate with each other over the network and, as the "Fallacies of Distributed Computing" explain, the network is unreliable. We need to prepare our systems to address that.

In this talk I'll focus on 3 specific reliability patterns. I’ll start by showing the most common way of calling remote APIs and demonstrate its fragility. I'll iteratively apply the reliability patterns to the exact same call, demonstrating how it can increase the system’s resilience and reliability.

The talk is followed by a workshop. In this workshop we'll work together to improve the reliability of a given example. In the process participants will find creative ways to apply the reliability patterns and how others what they came up with.

Key takeaways

You will leave this session knowing:

  • What's worth knowing about retry strategies, circuit breakers and fallback strategies
  • Why we use them
  • How to use them

Why Listen To Me (short bio)

Luis's broad background in software engineering includes experience in DevOps, networks, mobile development, and more. Luis has been with Zalando since 2013--shaving bike sheds and creating the most beautiful yaks in the Shop team, later joining Platform Infrastructure to support the company’s move to the Cloud and c urrently going through the Site Reliability Engineering journey. Originally from Portugal, Luis has a masters in computer science from the Instituto Politécnico de Viseu.


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