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Last active Oct 25, 2020
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Logan's Homepage


IoT Stack

Check out an IoT project I am working on:



Things Stack (LoRaWAN server): -- Username: demouser Password: Demouser5

Open Source contributions

Mupen64Plus (N64 emulator)

  • Numerous contributions over the last 3 years, many emulation accurary improvements and performance improvements
  • Wrote a GUI in Qt for the emulator
  • I put together this package: m64p which bundles everything together for an easy user experience
  • Wrote the netplay implementation for the emulator
  • I run a netplay cloud service using AWS. This allows users to play with each other over the Internet. Servers are hosted in Oregon, Virginia, Paris, and Brazil. This service is integrated into AWS CloudWatch Logs so that I can monitor performance and track down bugs.
  • The netplay service runs through AWS Global Accelerator to reduce latency and jitter.
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