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Last active May 27, 2016

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; This file contains built-in services for aggregation
; It can be changed by user/admin and it will be applied automatically
; You can add your new paths and services
; All services provided in this config, but not all services can be included to Agent, they can be disabled in Agent configuration
; Environment variables are allowed and must be in uppercase wrapped by %%
; Possible comma-separated logs locations and %environment.variables%
paths=%PROGRAMDATA%\Microsoft\Windows Server\Logs\*.log,%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\*log
paths=%HOMEPATH%\Local Settings\Application Data\Unity\Editor\*.log,%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Unity\Editor\*.log,%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Unity\WebPlayer\*.log,%HOMEPATH%\Local Settings\Temp\UnityWebPlayer\log\*,%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Temp\UnityWebPlayer\log\*
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