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Shows you the largest objects in your repo's pack file.
# git-find-large-files
# Shows you the largest objects in your repo's pack file.
# Written for osx.
# @see
# @see
# @author Antony Stubbs
# set the internal field separator to line break, so that we can iterate easily over the verify-pack output
# num_results=10
# Kilobytes:
# size_str="kB"
# size_bytes=1024
# Megabytes:
# (1024^2)
# list all objects including their size, sort by size, take top 10
objects=$(git verify-pack -v .git/objects/pack/pack-*.idx | grep -v chain | sort -k3nr | head -n "$num_results")
echo "Top $num_results largest files in repo history."
echo "All sizes are in $size_str's. The pack column is the size of the object, compressed, inside the pack file."
allObjects=$(git rev-list --all --objects)
for y in $objects
# extract the size in bytes
size=$(($(echo $y | cut -f 5 -d ' ')/$size_bytes))
# extract the compressed size in bytes
compressedSize=$(($(echo $y | cut -f 6 -d ' ')/$size_bytes))
# extract the SHA
sha=$(echo $y | cut -f 1 -d ' ')
# find the objects location in the repository tree
location=$(echo "${allObjects}" | grep $sha | cut -f 2 -d ' ')
# does the file currently exist?
exists=$(test -f "$location" && echo 'Y' || echo 'N')
echo -e $output | column -t -s ', '
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