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Yell at the mic, see the frequencies on the terminal
from aubio import source, pitch, freqtomidi, sink
from pysoundcard import Stream
if __name__ == '__main__':
win_s = 1024 #fft size
hop_s = 512 #hop size. Whatever that means
s = Stream(block_length = hop_s)
#Use yin algorithm. Better than normal fft and
#more aligned with human perception of sound
pitch_o = pitch("yin", win_s, hop_s, 44100)
while True:
vec =
#s.input_channels =1. Creating a mono vector in
#case there is more than 1 channel
mono_vec = vec.sum(-1)/float(s.input_channels)
samples = mono_vec
pitch = pitch_o(samples)[0]
print pitch
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